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There are many drilling rig jobs out there. Generally ,you get your first drilling rig job locally then you may decide to branch out to offshore rig jobs. Firstdrill provides a first class professional Rig Search Auditing ; Material Logistics Management to provide niche engineering services for drilling wells. The crew sets up the rig and starts the drilling operations. offshore rigs, drilling rig, jackup rigs, work barges, land Oil and Gas Drilling Process. Photo taken on May 7, 2012 shows the sixth-generation semi-submersible CNOOC 981 at the South China Sea in China, 320 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong, south China. Hitec introduced the first Cyberbase Drilling Control Chair. 1994: Hydra Rig® developed the Computer Controlled Coiled Tubing Drilling Unit. Ecologically-friendly oil and natural gas drilling might sound like an oxymoron, but the specialty is growing briskly and also proving to be a way to cut operating costs. Free Online Library: The drill rig: a history lesson: the first wells were drilled to get water and brine. The LS-100 is the first fully MAN PORTABLE rotary drilling machine designed to drill 6 inch diameter boreholes to depths equal to greater then 100 feet. Safety First !! At FCE, Safety is Top Priority. After being out of commission for 14 years, the world’s first self-propelled semisubmersible drilling rig is looking to get back into the offshore business. First circular ultra-deepwater drilling rig to be delivered A new milestone has been reached in the offshore drilling industry. Iran has commissioned its first wholly owned drilling rig in the Persian Gulf, the North Drilling Company (NDC) managing director stated. CanElson Drilling works closely with First Nations' job applicants to help them with employment opportunities in Canada and the United States. Check out the technology behind the ANDRILL drill rig and how the and come out of the hole, and also where the core is first taken out of the core barrel. James Moody's First Well Drilling RigJames Moody's First Well Drilling Rig taken about 1890. Transocean the world's largest offshore drilling company. We are also the first drilling company on the North Slope to use highline power and dual fuel turbines.

Petrolia ASA: First contract to new land drilling rig – Yahoo! Finance.

First Second Generation Semi Submersible Drilling Rigs. Deepwater drilling dictates that operations be carried out from a floating vessel. Find drilling rig from a vast selection of Fuel Energy. Find drilling rig from a vast selection of Fuel Energy. Shop eBay! Drilling offshore dates back as early as 1869, when one of the first patents was granted to T.F. Rowland for his offshore drilling rig design.

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